Service Agreement

Terms And Conditions for client

  1. The free website which is being developing by Infinity WebTechno will be accessible through URL. Google impression after indexing is not work of Infinity WebTechno. Interested Clients for google impression i.e, SEO, Google map, etc. will be paid.
  • Every website that can be design/develop by Infinity WebTechno will be given by free indexing of google search console Service no charges will be charge for Google Indexing.
  • Only Service which had been mentioned in the deal form will be provided to the clients other extra services will be paid.
  • Conditions for the Payable amount for different services as given below:
  • 100% amount will be paid by client for initiate the work via NEFT, UPI, PayTm or Cash (In case of free website) for domain/hosting if require
  • 50% amount will be paid by client for initiate work via NEFT, UPI, PayTm or Cash (in case paid service onward Rs 6000/-)
  • 60% amount will be paid by client for initiate work via NEFT, UPI, PayTm or Cash (in case paid service below Rs 6000/-).
  • Client will have to pay the rest of amount at the time of website/android deployment. Admin login details will be given to the client after full payment.
  • If client is not able to pay amount within 15 days of work completion. Infinity WebTechno can temporary block the website until rest amount will not be paid by the client.
  • C-panel login, ftp login, domain login, domain transfer, hosting login will not be provided for fee website service. If client demand for mention above login details then he/she need to pay amount of design and development of website that can be decided at the moment but not less than Rs 4000/-.
  • All the website or software under Rs 10000/- will come with the Infinity WebTechno copyright in footer section. No argument or justification will be listen by client to remove the copyright.
  • Client or customer need to provide us images, logo, as demanded by Infinity WebTechno (pixels, height, width, etc. in desire format and website content in text format). Company can hold the work until the content or images will not provide by client.
  1. Company will not write any content or design banner, logo or other image (graphics and content writing charges will be applicable, if require).
  1. Website/Android app will be deliver in two phases:
  • Prototype/Demo: After prototype/demo client need to pay certain amount as mentionin Ref. [4]
  • Final Delivery: Rest amount will be paid by client.
  1. Infinity WebTechno will provide the free service for 1 month for minor changes and customization from the date of deployment the website/android application.
  1. The free service on the website that had not been developed by Infinity WebTechno will come under the copyright of Infinity WebTechno in footer section for at least 1 year.

  1. 14.  If client remove or change Infinity WebTechno Copyright mention in ref.[13],Company will take legal action or penalty of Rs 3000/- or remove/block the website or all.
  1. Only those services and offer will be provide by Infinity WebTechno which had been written on the deal form, other services will be paid if required by the client.
  1. Free Website will be design, develop, and customize using wordpress.
  1. Client need to pay extra 18% GST charges that is not include in deal price.
  1. Infinity WebTechno will deliver first version of android i.e, v.1.0.0 after delivery sub updates or major updates chargeable.

In these Infinity WebTechno T&C “he” and “she” refers to client/customer.