Terms and Condition

1-Service Maintenance  is only applicable  to that products/services that are deploy/developed by IWT.

2-All support are handled by Calls,text, emails, Whatsapp from 10:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m Monday to Friday and one Visit in   two months,if client are not satisfy or did not understand the solution on digital support.

3-Two months visit is applicable for a time period of two months i.e,from first date of month to last date of second month,applicable visit will be reset after this time period.

4-IWT promise to resolve issue Ref.[8] on digital support. If client still  demands for visit and if he/she has already availed the 1st visit within a time period then 2nd visit is charged as per the requirement and distance.

5-IWT upgrades it’s system and services according to environment requirements and feedback, no charges wil be taken for upgrade from client.

6-If client requires any upgrade or customization it will be chargeable as per need.

7-Any part of SEO, Freelancing, Posting content, Adding features(contact form, maps, pages, post,data entry) will not be covered under service maintenance.

8-IWT charges for service  and maintenance given below:

  • a)Data backup weekly.
  • b)technical issue[slow loading of website/software,not working of website/software,adding script in header(if client requires),regular checkup website of proper function,  working of pages, not working of content]
  • c)Domain/hosting related issue.

Note: – IWT will not post any content on your behalf or add any feature unless charged.These are not covered under service maintenance

In all the Terms & Conditions mentioned above,IWT stands for Infinity WebTechno and client/he/she means a customer of Infinity WebTechno. 

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