Home Automation system can save a lot of energy in our home, if efficiently designed. With the energy saving concept in mind, Home Automation makes our life very simple and efficient. An automated home is sometimes called “Smart Home”. This system is not just limited to controlling the devices, it may also include home security such as alarm system, emergency
This whole process is achieved by using computer(s), sensors, actuators in order to centralise
the whole controlling system of all the appliances/devices. These sensors detect various analogue quantities like motion, amount of light, temperature etc. and feed that data to the
main controlling device based on which various decisions are made in order to control or communicate with the appliances/devices..Just imagine You sit on chair or bed and want to turn ON the Lamp you don’t need to go to electric board just pick your phone push the button ON and Whoo! Lamp is ON.You Can control your complete home electric appliances using your mobile phone in One Click.
Home automation and security system also help to surveillance your home it tells you how many people are in the room ?,Recognise your face wish you welcome,buzzer on leakage of gas or fire or while water tank filled.
Home automation system is completely automated You can set the time of ON/OFF appliance for example,you need to turn ON the FAN at 2:00 pm but at that time your are not at home and your internet is not working then just set the time if 2:00 pm in timer it will automatically trigger at 2:00pm.

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