Infinity WebTechno is a company that provides full support in IT development and branding of your business. No matter where you are at with your business – just starting or already established, we want to take care of it. Our work process begins with the web design and development of your website. We do thorough and advanced research on your market, which will help us convert your visitors into clients. This is followed by a Search Engine Optimization for your website, where we will apply our knowledge to get it on top positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing. We promise that you will have quality results in no time. We will grant you with free website analysis reports and do a training for your employees on how to use and update your website. We will be 24/7 available for you, so you can always call us asking for advice or just a general question.


Infinity WebTechno was founded by M Saalim Tahir, Raghib Najmi & Syed Haider Ali Oct,2017. Raghib and Haider leaves the idea on Jan, 2018. After that in Feb,2018 Faiz Ali Khan and Tariq Ilyas also became equal percent of share holder.While studying in computer engineering Saalim Tahir start work as freelancer and notice that business in every step require website so “we just solve the problem of people” we approach the people-meet with’em and Ya! Deliver the website.

Of course every business require hard-work,struggle,patience and investment,so we have decide to work,work and work sometimes volunteering,sometimes institutions, sometimes labour work but we dedicate toward our work and earn penny by penny and stand the company with good standing and trust of clients.

In the end of 2018 Infinity WebTechno introduce android development for e-commerce,college-institutions,news portal, food delivery,etc and also grow it’s team by 7 people including employees.

Service Area

Infinity WebTechno deliver it’s services in major trending IT sector that consist of Design,Development of Website using WordPress ,codeigniter  ,core Php,etc.Graphics design,motion video,SEO,Indexing,Analytics analyse guide,ad-sense approval,Android App development etc.

Future Technology ?

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly growing technology that deal with all kind of man problem in daily life.It is very vast technology to work Infinity Webtechno and it’s team working on Data science and AI techniques to deploy the Web related service using AI.